Try the Sri Lanka Variant of the Belle Refresh Firmware on your Nokia N8

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As usual, any application or Nokia N8 related topic that is not official or custom – we do not take any responsibility of what happens to your Nokia N8 device, you are trying this at your own risk.

The Nokia N8 has a long history of mods and custom software to suit everybody’s needs. There are very few mods, nothing great but they seem good enough to impress a first time Nokia N8 user. With the original Nokia N8 Belle software, the user is able to choose if the delivery reports are on or off but with this mod, there will be no notification, but the user is able to check on the reports folder of the message status.

The other mods are that the equalizer can be edited, the song meta data can also be edited and the task manager is FP1 style. When the Nokia N8 was fresh on the market, at the time of the new icons being heard – many users wish they could have the new icons for there Nokia N8 devices. This mod in this firmware has Nokia N9 fonts rather than the icons, but a theme that consists of the Nokia N9 fonts for the N8 should be available some time.

Many times when you have to have your Nokia N8 hacked to install apps of unsigned apps, installserve plays a role. The developer of this firmware included installserve to make it easier for the user.


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Use your Nokia N8 to take 3D photos with 3D Photo Camera

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The Nokia N8 has previously been used to make many movies and used once to make 3D images as well as a 3D clip using 2 Nokia N8 devices. Oleg Derevenetz created an app, called 3D Photo Camera that allows the Nokia N8 user to create 3D images easily with just once device. The app provides the user with a sort of guide that says: after taking a picture, how the user must align their device to take another picture thus a 3D image being born.

Once the picture has been taken, many types of formats are available including stereogram, no glasses are required here but for anaglyph, glasses are required. The Nokia N8 users mentioned that autofocus isn’t there which means that macro mode won’t work.

Not everything in this world is free, this application costs ZAR 15 – I was told that I should have a try at this and I got the same impression as others, of liking it and using it often.

How to solve network problem on Nokia N8

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I noticed recently that again users and myself are having problems with network. I’m busy one moment with a call and the next minute : there’s no network or I’m using the internet and the network comes and goes as it pleases. An easy temporary solution is to switch off your Nokia N8 and switch it on again or put the Offline profile and back to a network profile but a permanent solution…..

One could call their operator customer service and they may tell you that your software has an issues but to solve the problem yourself, proceed to the menu, settings, connectivity, and click on network.

The user should see that the second option says automatic or manual, depending on if the user has already changed it. If its on automatic, then click on manual and wait till your network choice is shown, click on it and it will eventually select it.

I personally did this, it solved my problem with the network coming and going but a check up of your Nokia N8 is still essential, perhaps the antenna is damaged or some other component.

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Use Microsoft Apps on your Nokia N8 for free!

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Nokia mentioned various times that the Nokia N8 will have Microsoft apps functionality, it is helpful for those that use apps such as Microsoft Word or Excel or wish to present a slideshow – just connect your Nokia N8 to a HD TV with play the slideshow instead of carrying a laptop around with you. The Microsoft Apps were at one stage available for download from the Software Update app on the Nokia N8.

The download from the Nokia Store is small but Wi-Fi is recommended as a large update may be needed to be done. If the user is equipped with a valid  Microsoft Lync 2010 server, Lync Online or Microsoft® SharePoint server then the Lync and SharePoint services may not be used.

Many users have complained that their C drive gets full quickly due to the apps setting when it is downloaded, Nokia has made it that they must be downloaded to the C drive. One could always buy a memory card so that there is enough space, if an application does ask where the user would like the item must be downloaded then the location of the memory card is recommended!

More ways on how to revive a bricked Nokia N8

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I had at one stage discussed on how to revive a bricked Nokia N8 but now more methods have been introduced of which some can be dangerous to the device and its warranty or just the device. Phoenix is a well known application amongst phone technicians and if you regularly service your Nokia N8.

Previously, the Nokia N8 devices would stop working when an application is in use or when the software is being updated. There are many ways in which one can revive their bricked Nokia N8 but the main solution is to use Phoenix although that will void your standard 24 month warranty; Phoenix is only recommended to be used by skilled technicians and Nokia Care staff.

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How to remove user-inserted security code on Nokia N8

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I recently had the case of putting a security code then wanting to remove it but forgot some of the steps involved, of course it is always recommended to write all your passwords somewhere in case you forget them and to make them in such a manner of a combination of special characters, numbers and lower case as well as upper case letters.

The manner in which one can disable a lock code on the Nokia N8 is to first proceed to settings, then phone, phone management, security settings, phone and sim card. There will be an option that allows the user to change the lock code as well as switch it on or off. Keeping the lock code on is useful so that trespassers are kept away but can also be annoying.

Have a look at our other easier lock apps available here!

Symbian Belle on Nokia N8 provides no print option in Gallery

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Previously on the Nokia N8, there was an option that allowed the user to print the pictures, this option was available when the Nokia N8 is connected to a printer. Users have asked Nokia at the Discussions forum and the response received was that the printing option is no more available with Symbian Belle.

The Nokia Moderator that responded mentions that it will be taken into consideration for future updates. To some it would not make sense that this feature has removed due to the reason being is that a new update should always bring more features and not less. I tried searching for an application on the Nokia Store that allows the user to print pictures but found nothing.

There is always an option to degrade your Nokia N8 to Symbian Anna, follow our guide here.



Ovi Store app on Nokia N8 freezes on “Loading”

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Users have complained about the Ovi Store app freezing on a screen that says loading, they mention that they have tried various methods to fix this problem such as reinstalling or backup then reinstalling. This wouldn’t work because the corrupt files that the Ovi Store creates would also be backed up then restored. One could also try to remove recently added apps even if they were retrieved from the Nokia Store.

When one downloads the Nokia Store app from the Beta Labs then the Symbian Qt and Mobility files play a major role, the app relies on these files to work which in the end means that these files can also be the issue. The user can download these files from here or follow another solution below which involves abit of work.

The user needs to reset and restore the Nokia N8 keeping in mind to not restore any Ovi Store files. Then set up the Nokia account and other information asked for, proceed to a software update and update everything. Make your way to the Ovi Store and update again if necessary, if it does freeze then connect your Nokia N8 to your computer and update via the Ovi Suite.

If you wish to not follow either solution indicated above then remove the Ovi Store completely then download it from the Beta Labs.


Stylus Touch Pen for Nokia N8 with Free Shipping

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The Nokia N8 is equipped with an AMOLED capacitive touch-screen but brings no stylus that a user can use. The Nokia N8 Store offers a nice stylus that suits the user and the Nokia N8 nicely but it is an unofficial stylus touch pen and comes with free shipping.The object can’t be kept with the device like the Nokia N900 but should be carried around.

The black piece at the top enables easier handling use for the user while the bottom black piece is the part that touches the screen, the manner in which it was made allows correct response. The top black piece is a clip which allows for easy storage i.e clip it to a pocket. This stylus is also available in silver, do remember that it is a non-OEM accessory.

What do you think of this accessory? Does it work for you?

Playboy Always Orange Theme for Nokia N8 Belle

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The Nokia N8 was manufactured in such a way that it can be fully customised by the user, if it can’t then hacks and mods can be used to unlock features even though it isn’t recommendable. The Playboy Always Orange is attractive in colour, boasting the colour orange – it lights up the Nokia N8 with this glow.

The background image used when idle in the home-screen is an attractive picture, my preference goes with this picture rather than the picture used when one opens folders. The user comments about this theme have been positive, that the icons remain the same default of Belle and that the attractiveness brings attention to the eye.

For other Nokia N8 themes click here.

This theme is freely available at the Nokia Store.