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Nokia Connect Photo Contest Winner makes 3D videos and images with 2 Nokia N8 devices

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Tweet At the time of the Nokia N8 launch, this device had the best camera technology in mobile phones. With 12 megapixel and HD quality videos, one could record videos with better quality than some actual cameras. A user that won a competition that Nokia Connects held, was to win a trail with the Nokia [...]

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Review: KitSound Knitted Ear Muff Headphones for Nokia N8

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Tweet Being winter here in the southern hemisphere, the people here would love this gadget. MobileFun sent such headphones that they are embedded in ear muffs, keeping your ears warm while you listen to music. I have previously reviewed many earphones and headphones and I must say that the quality is slacking with this one. After [...]

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Surf through a flood on video made with a Nokia N8! Plus a video competition!

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Tweet Using a a tiny mirror and a faux flood effect, Topolino70 created such a video with a Nokia N8, whereby the viewer cruises through a flood in a city. This video has no post-processing involved, clearly the Nokia N8 camera is still worth the shot even after the Nokia 808 Pureview with 41 megapixel [...]

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Nokia N8 browsing speed beaten by Nokia 808 PureView

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Tweet The Symbian Belle Nokia N8, which received new updates was recently involved in a test against the Nokia 808 – the opponent was also equipped with Belle. This may seem that there was a cheat in the test but each device has different types of browser technology, the latter having HTML5 while its opponent having xHTML – a [...]

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Nokia N8 12 megapixel camera beaten with Nokia 808 Pureview 41 megapixel

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Tweet Nokia showcased the the 808 Pureview at MWC yesterday which indeed is the leading device in terms of the camera, the 41 megapixel piece of technology beats the previous 12 megapixel Nokia N8 which till Sunday – was equipped with the leading mobile device camera. The Nokia N8 has camera history can be challenging [...]

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Results: Nokia N8 Photo Competition

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Tweet After a long wait, the results are officially informed to the winners and readers of todays post on this Blog. Many of the readers submitted photos taken from the Nokia N8 which was one of the rules. Not everybody gets to win everything, your time will also arrive or has arrived.

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Nokia E7 features more than original Nokia N8

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Tweet The Symbian^3 software operating system was running on the Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01 and Nokia C7-00 until the rebranded Vodacom officially released the Nokia E7 today. The Nokia N8 isn’t highly recommended for the business users as much as the Nokia E7 is.

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Game review: Worms HD on Nokia N8

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Tweet Worms is an epic game where you send your army to the battle field with all sorts of weapons, Currently at the Ovi Store, there are 2 versions of Worms, one of them is an HD version while the other one is a normal Worms 2010 game applications. A game that is in HD [...]

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Nokia N8 Leak: PR 2.2 software update has major changes

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Tweet A while ago, i mentioned that PR 2.2 has leaked, and this time, the leaks have gone too far. The changes have already been presented to the public and the best part is that, I received an email saying what may appear on the PR 2.2. It is now confirmed but things may be [...]

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Nokia N8 Asphalt 5 Game

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Tweet Yesterday we got the results for the best Nokia N8 Games, and with Asphalt 5 winning yesterdays vote count, it was promised that the winning games shall each receive a detailed review. The perfect time has arrived. Symbian^3 OS does actually provide A-Grade games! The name Asphalt has been present in many older Nokia [...]

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