Control your Desktop on your Nokia N8 with Kinoni Remote Desktop

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Please note that this app is for Nokia N8 Belle only

Sometimes you may be in the lounge and wish to access a file to perhaps check your schedule or you need your computer for any reason. Although you may have a laptop, it is always handy to have Kinoni Remote Desktop on your Nokia N8 which allows smooth control of your desktop but on your device! The developers claim that this app is the fastest PC remote control app but after using a couple of these apps, there isn’t much difference in speed but rather usability.

The users that have left comments mention that this is a recommended app which deserves 5 stars, after using this app : in the beginning where I was asked to enter the IP, I was confused on which IP as I didn’t know if I should have received something or something is missing, I am a victim of not reading carefully – others have also been in the same place; one has to download the drivers from the Kinoni website which is only available for Windows.