First Equalizer for Nokia N8 Belle at Nokia Store!

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There is always a way to better the music you listening to, although the default equalizer on your Nokia N8 provides an advantage for your music – another contributor to good music wouldn’t hurt, especially if its the only one for Nokia N8 Belle, it probably is good. The Nokia Store provides the first equalizer developed for the Belle.

The attractive and easy accessible UI provides to the contribution of tempting it, being allowed to customize each category and being allowed to add your own preferences is much more fun than just using the preset settings.

After creating your own preference, it is automatically added to the default music player, having it underneath your nose for easy use! The sliders can be abit sensitive depending on the user, but nevertheless – the comments that this equalizer has received shows that every cent it worth the time.

This 0.03MB app is only available for Symbian Belle, this app is available at the Russian developers website but you will be redirected to the Nokia Store, either way ; you do have to pay the ZAR9.