How-to guide: Downgrade to Symbian Anna, from Symbian Belle on your Nokia N8

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Please note that this guide is only for the Nokia N8 and can’t be applied to any other device. Nokia N8 Portal will not be responsible for any loss or damage occurred due to this guide.

Although there are many guides available for users to follow, to downgrade from Symbian Belle to Symbian Anna – again I repeat this with every guide: not all files mentioned are official but this guide will feature the official files for you. For those that are new to this, please do not attempt this if you do not know what you are doing.

1: A backup of the content such as music and contacts is recommended. Belle apps may not work with Anna.

2: Free all available space of your device, do not leave the SIM Card or your memory card in your Nokia N8. The reason why you have to free space is due to Anna needing space to work, as it sizes 3.7GB.

3: Acquire 25.7 Anna from Navifirm 1.5, Navifirm can be downloaded if you search on Google.

4: Place the downloaded Anna files into Phoenix product folder RM-596 (c :> program file > phoenix > nokia > products). Do create a folder named “RM-596″ in the same directory if you don’t already have the folder present.

5: Run Phoenix, which can also be downloaded from Google (please note that a small “box” comes with Phoenix if you buy it from a physical store, the box isn’t necessary). Select the product file.

6: Follow your way to firmware update under the Phoenix menu, then select (Flashing > firmware updates > 059C8T6).

7: Click on OPTIONS on the firmware update window, make sure that Allow SW Downgrade and Ignore Invalid SW version are both checked.

8: Do also make sure that dead phone USB flashing is checked, finally now you can click on Refurbish, the computer will process all the files.

9: Please note that your device should not yet be connected, only now it should with the following instruction: Turn your Nokia N8 off, and plug it with an USB only when you are prompted to do so.

10: The whole transfer should take around 20 minutes.

You can now switch on your Symbian Anna Nokia N8 :) , users that have tried this guide have mentioned that they received new songs as well as all the default pre-loaded games are present.

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