How to hard reset a bricked Nokia N8 (1)

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The Nokia N8 goes completely blank and not everyone thinks of reseting the Nokia N8 this way but of course, I also didn’t have a clue with my dead Nokia N8 a month ago. This method is called “three finger reset” where you use 3 fingers to reset the device, hence the name “three finger reset”.

This method should only be used in the last case where you cannot solve the problem with another way. For today, I’ll tell you about the “three finger reset” and tomorrow I’ll inform you about the other method but please read both before attempting either way.

If you don’t understand the picture above, then here’s the written part for you in 3 easy steps just like the “three finger reset”.

Step 1:

Hold down the volume down button.

Step 2:

Now with the volume down button pressed, hold down the camera button.

Step 3:

With both, the volume down and camera button down, now hold the menu button and start the device.

This is completely easy but once again, only perform this at the last case. Before you do this, read tomorrows post and then decide which is the best in your case. If you not sure, do ask me for the right solution or post at the Nokia N8 Portal Forum.

Second Post

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