How to solve network problem on Nokia N8

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I noticed recently that again users and myself are having problems with network. I’m busy one moment with a call and the next minute : there’s no network or I’m using the internet and the network comes and goes as it pleases. An easy temporary solution is to switch off your Nokia N8 and switch it on again or put the Offline profile and back to a network profile but a permanent solution…..

One could call their operator customer service and they may tell you that your software has an issues but to solve the problem yourself, proceed to the menu, settings, connectivity, and click on network.

The user should see that the second option says automatic or manual, depending on if the user has already changed it. If its on automatic, then click on manual and wait till your network choice is shown, click on it and it will eventually select it.

I personally did this, it solved my problem with the network coming and going but a check up of your Nokia N8 is still essential, perhaps the antenna is damaged or some other component.

Did this work for you?