Lock your Nokia N8 Call Log with the free LockOnCallLogs app

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Normally sometimes if I leave my Nokia N8 unlocked in my pocket, it automatically does what it wants, at times it calls any random number because of the movement. LockOnCallLogs for your Nokia N8 is a free app that allows the Nokia N8 user to lock the Call Log thus preventing trespassing and the mistakes of unintended calls

.I personally do recommend this app but if you forget passwords easily, then a second thought should be considered for your case. If the case may be that you have forgotten the password then perform a back up of your device, then fully format it to remove all the effects or just uninstall the app but all its effects won’t be removed.

When I personally tried out this app, I had no difficulty in during usage although it would be annoying to input the password frequently. The smoothness, effectiveness of my Nokia N8 remained its status.