More ways on how to revive a bricked Nokia N8

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I had at one stage discussed on how to revive a bricked Nokia N8 but now more methods have been introduced of which some can be dangerous to the device and its warranty or just the device. Phoenix is a well known application amongst phone technicians and if you regularly service your Nokia N8.

Previously, the Nokia N8 devices would stop working when an application is in use or when the software is being updated. There are many ways in which one can revive their bricked Nokia N8 but the main solution is to use Phoenix although that will void your standard 24 month warranty; Phoenix is only recommended to be used by skilled technicians and Nokia Care staff.

The simple steps to use Phoenix with your Nokia N8 are:

1 – Initiate Pheonix.
2 – Select the product and all the necessary requirements.
3 – Make sure the ‘Dead USB’ box is ticked.
4 – Now with a good battery and cable connected to your Nokia N8 as well as your PC, press the power button for few seconds – you should hear a ding dong from windows then a pop-up will ask for drivers.

5 – Install the drivers and finally proceed with the dead flashing.

I rather recommend to atleast make a back up of your Nokia N8 every week or every second day, if you don’t wish to flash your Nokia N8 then hand your device to Nokia Care.