New Store QML Client for Nokia N8 Belle brings improved performance

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The Nokia Beta Labs as well as the Nokia Store is always providing updates for the applications on the Nokia N8 which means improved performance each time. Today’s Nokia Store update introduces a new user interface for the “contacts us” page, as well as improved reactions when there is a connection loss meaning that the network system of the Nokia N8 either has issues or the update itself drags issues with it.

Normally after starting the Nokia Store, I would receive slow response if I scroll down or up at the “featured” page but now with the updated version the scrolling response has improved – less irritation for the user. An issue that I noticed here on the improvements list is that it mentions that the user is able to sign in via Facebook but when I tried, there was no such option.

If your Nokia N8 Belle device does not have Qt 4.7.4 then please download all the files from the Beta Labs otherwise there is an option that just allows you to download the store, I already have Qt 4.7.4 as I needed it with the previous Store client thus I turned to the latter option.