Nokia N8 drop test

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I was in a major shock when I saw that the brand new Nokia N8 got dropped from a balcony of 3 meters high but it was unintentional. Richard Dorman (Sheridan01) is the person with the Nokia N8 that fell from a balcony.

Now, by his fantastic mistake, Nokia actually showed us future Nokia N8 owners that the device is actually very strong. For those that are wondering where the device landed, the resting place was on concrete stone paving.

The above picture shows the drop site of the device.

A good problematic and week phone that won’t even survive is the well known iPhone‘s. The iPhone won’t survive a drop from the human knee which shows that the manufacturers don’t care.

For the people that are wondering that if the Nokia N8 still works and the amount of damage, the device still works perfectly according to Richard and it only has 3 scratches with the display still in order.

Again, as you can see in the above image, the device only has 3 scratches to where the arrows are pointing but the handset is still in contact.

This shows that the scratch resistant gorilla glass display does protect the display but not to its potential. The anodized aluminum casing proved that it works perfectly fine but also not to its full capabilities due to the scratches.

But even then an leather or a rubber pouch for the phone and a protective screen shield should maximize the potential of the phone not being damaged.

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5 Comments on “Nokia N8 drop test”

  • Dash
    21 August, 2010, 15:53

    How did it land?

  • 21 August, 2010, 18:15

    It showed in the picture, it didn’t drop with me so I don’t know but will tell you if I get to know.

  • Alex
    16 October, 2010, 7:00

    the thing is that the upper and lower parts of the n8 are made form plastic. how bad is the damage to these parts?

  • 18 October, 2010, 18:09

    The lower and upper parts only have a few scratches but nothing more than that.

  • deepankar
    26 January, 2011, 9:25

    even my nokia n8 got dropped when i was sleepin had kept it near my hand i threw it without knowing n my bottom part of the phone got bent i meant the aluminiun casing feel so bad its totally out of shape

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