Nokia N8 PR1.2 brings SMS and MMS problems to life

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Again, as mentioned before, even the most perfect thing can have problems. The Nokia N8 is now experiencing a SMS and MMS problem. Fortunately, the user can solve the problem themselves rather then taking the Nokia N8 to a NCP. It isn’t the network providers problem.

This issue only raised from the 14 February 2011 and when the 22 March 2011 OTA update was introduced, this also gave no positive response, speaking about response, the PR1.2 showed no changes at all with some of the enthusiasts.

The best solution is easy and it may be familiar with the Blackberry Storm users where they have to reboot the device is all cases. If this was a Blackberry. then you could have used Blackberry Protect to perform a back up.

For the N8, perform a back up via the PC suite, then manually remove all data and reset to factory defaults.

This has helped many users globally but not all of them use Windows, the default OS for the PC suite. Don’t worry, you can still perform a back up using your OVI account and sync, all the contacts and everything else will be backed up besides your applications.


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