Nokia N8 Symbian Belle FAQ

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With each new software that is released, there’s always questions to it. To assist our readers with questions, we’ve compiled various frequently asked questions with answers below. Belle already is giving its users issues, with many issues happening, we may also not have the correct answer for you but our Nokia N8 Forum can assist you with it!

Questions such as: “Why isn’t Symbian Belle released via OTA?” or “What are the circumstances if I have a swap phone?”, Nokia has answered most types of questions. If you can’t find the appropriate question then drop us a post on our forum.

The FAQ shows that users are vulnerable to many issues, which Nokia new about pre-hand perhaps; yet again Nokia released an update for the Nokia N8 with issues, a contribution to the loss.

Nokia hasn’t as till yet released the upgrade for all countries, but has mentioned that some of the upgrades have been submitted to the respective operators and are waiting on the feedback while Belle for other countries may still be under construction.

You can visit the Belle Page to check whether your product code is available in your country or not.

Keep with us for detailed solutions to the issues that the Belle users face, and what the response has been from both perspectives.

Download the files below for the Belle FAQ:

File 1

File 2