Ovi Store app on Nokia N8 freezes on “Loading”

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Users have complained about the Ovi Store app freezing on a screen that says loading, they mention that they have tried various methods to fix this problem such as reinstalling or backup then reinstalling. This wouldn’t work because the corrupt files that the Ovi Store creates would also be backed up then restored. One could also try to remove recently added apps even if they were retrieved from the Nokia Store.

When one downloads the Nokia Store app from the Beta Labs then the Symbian Qt and Mobility files play a major role, the app relies on these files to work which in the end means that these files can also be the issue. The user can download these files from here or follow another solution below which involves abit of work.

The user needs to reset and restore the Nokia N8 keeping in mind to not restore any Ovi Store files. Then set up the Nokia account and other information asked for, proceed to a software update and update everything. Make your way to the Ovi Store and update again if necessary, if it does freeze then connect your Nokia N8 to your computer and update via the Ovi Suite.

If you wish to not follow either solution indicated above then remove the Ovi Store completely then download it from the Beta Labs.