Prepare for an interview with Interview Tips on your Nokia N8

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NB: Interview Tips is for Nokia N8 with Symbian Belle 

At times, during the preparation of an interview you would be nervous and perhaps wouldn’t know what to expect but as always said, “to every problem, there’s a possible solution”. Interview Tips on your Nokia N8 allows one to prepare more for an interview, with a list of possible questions and creative answers supplied with the app – you would know what to expect and perhaps get the job this time!

Not only can you surf through questions and answers, but the common errors that everyday people make at interviews and how to improve them or make an advantage out of them, of course: you can turn mistakes into jokes if you know how.

Symbian Belle, the most advanced software that Nokia is currently favouring - assists many great apps with numerous functions. Each type of software has its own advantages but some users and myself say that all the previous versions of Symbian have been compiled and improved to produce a new generation called Symbian Belle which the Nokia N8 currently boasts.

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