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Use Nokia Video Converter Factory on Windows PC to convert videos to Nokia N8 formats!

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At times, after editing videos with the computer – I am not able to watch them on my Nokia N8 due to the codec. The Nokia N8 being a good multimedia device, it doesn’t mean that it should be able to do everything. If one wishes to watch movies then to save the hassle, it […]

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Surf through a flood on video made with a Nokia N8! Plus a video competition!

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Using a a tiny mirror and a faux flood effect, Topolino70 created such a video with a Nokia N8, whereby the viewer cruises through a flood in a city. This video has no post-processing involved, clearly the Nokia N8 camera is still worth the shot even after the Nokia 808 Pureview with 41 megapixel is […]

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Film Crew use the Nokia N8 “advanced digital camera” to gain a trip to New York

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Since October 2010, the Nokia N8 has been used as a source to produce images of good quality. This is what Brett Gieseke and Barry Lottering did with their Nokia N8, produce a short clip and won themselves a trip to New York for free. For the crew to win the trip, the main idea was […]

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