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Poll: Whats better, Nokia N8 or Samsung Galaxy Ace?

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Tweet Users always look at the specifications of a device to distinguish which is better in their own opinion, but in reality – what matters is the users personal needs such as some prefer photography capabilities while others prefer the brand because of the manufacturers quality and dedication to the  product. Users have been asking [...]

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Lumia 800 is Bestselling Nokia Phone

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Tweet Despite not selling quite as well as Nokia had anticipated, and despite some problems regarding battery life, the Lumia 800 has become the biggest phone launch for Nokia since the N8. Nokia has invested more money in marketing the Lumia 800 than it has for any phone it has ever released, as the company [...]

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New Nokia N8 stock now available with Symbian Anna

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Tweet The Nokia N8 specifications page has been updated with Symbian Anna as the operating system but some of the features weren’t updated, Nokia commented that there shall be an update later that will give the Nokia N8, Symbian Anna features. All the new stock shipped to stores now feature Symbian Anna, the long awaited. [...]

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What would you improve on the Nokia N8?

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Tweet The Nokia N8 isn’t the most “perfect” device and there isn’t the “perfect” device, all of them have flaws after the purchase or after using the device and performing actions on it. Many users wish that the Nokia N8 would be a better device, to ask the readers, I’ve setup a poll for you [...]

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Nokia E7 features more than original Nokia N8

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Tweet The Symbian^3 software operating system was running on the Nokia N8, Nokia C6-01 and Nokia C7-00 until the rebranded Vodacom officially released the Nokia E7 today. The Nokia N8 isn’t highly recommended for the business users as much as the Nokia E7 is.

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Nokia Sleeping Screen lights up Nokia N8 during charge

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Tweet During the process of charging with your Nokia N8, the clock comes on as it is on a sort of “stand by mode”. It is kind of boring to have it next to you and having to see the same appearance every time, that is one of the reasons why the Nokia Beta Labs created this. [...]

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Nokia N8 Vent Mount Holder with Free Shipping

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Tweet Many of the Nokia N8 users are drivers, at some stage, all of them may become drivers. In South Africa, e.g, the law prohibits to drive while you are on a call with anyone at all. There is a simple solution to this, read on more to find out what the Nokia N8 Portal Store [...]

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Nokia N8 comes with HDMI cable, Apple considered “greedy”

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Tweet The Nokia N8 has an amazing camera which is able to shoot HD quality videos and later, if you have a HD TV, you can hook up your Nokia N8 to the TV. Watch the great quality videos and relax. When it comes to the Apple iPhone users, the iPhone users have to literally [...]

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How-to: Update default Nokia N8 Sans Font to new Nokia Pure Font

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Tweet Nokia released a new type of for the future devices but mainly for the Symbian generation till yet. There are 4 easy steps to install the new Pure font on to the Nokia N8. So far there have been no reports that the future Nokia N8 updates shall feature this and unfortunately, the Nokia [...]

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Top 11 Symbian^3 OS Applications Month Countdown (2)

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Tweet I mentioned something about athletes yesterday and now it is time to revel why I mentioned them out of everything. Finger Race is a great game for the Nokia N8 but its simplicity was the drawback to gain higher ranking in the Top 20. There are 2 options to choose from namely between 100 [...]

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