Tweet on your Nokia N8 Belle via Tweeties!

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The Nokia N8 provides an advantage in the multimedia section but nevertheless, you can add advantages to it if you know how. Belle does provide software advantages as it can show off the ability of better apps than Anna. Tweeties, a ZAR40 app – suitable and recommended by its users does the job for the Nokia N8 users out there with simple UI. Belle boasts modernised widgets, in the case of a regular Tweeter; it would be helpful to have a Tweeties widget.

Adding to the features list, an optimized keyboard for English only is supported, as well as beautiful graphics, considerate drop down lists and designed direct message UI, as well as “in-reply-to” feature. One of the minor but annoying issue that users face is that whenever you type something, the text that was previously typed appears.

To check the current time, if the case may be that you are typing and wish to see the time then you have to minimize the input area which is another annoying contribution to the list. Hopefully a last addition to the list of issues, there is no landscape mode for this app.

The convenient factor enables more recommendation for this app, I personally don’t tweet much so this wouldn’t be helpful in my case but do let us know how it goes.