Use your Nokia N8 to take 3D photos with 3D Photo Camera

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The Nokia N8 has previously been used to make many movies and used once to make 3D images as well as a 3D clip using 2 Nokia N8 devices. Oleg Derevenetz created an app, called 3D Photo Camera that allows the Nokia N8 user to create 3D images easily with just once device. The app provides the user with a sort of guide that says: after taking a picture, how the user must align their device to take another picture thus a 3D image being born.

Once the picture has been taken, many types of formats are available including stereogram, no glasses are required here but for anaglyph, glasses are required. The Nokia N8 users mentioned that autofocus isn’t there which means that macro mode won’t work.

Not everything in this world is free, this application costs ZAR 15 – I was told that I should have a try at this and I got the same impression as others, of liking it and using it often.