What would you improve on the Nokia N8?

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The Nokia N8 isn’t the most “perfect” device and there isn’t the “perfect” device, all of them have flaws after the purchase or after using the device and performing actions on it. Many users wish that the Nokia N8 would be a better device, to ask the readers, I’ve setup a poll for you which will start today and end on the 5th May 2011.

With the latest Symbian Anna update for the Nokia X7, any users are also anxious to receive the update for their beloved Nokia N8 devices too but it has to be first released in the rumoured Q2 of 2011.

Some of the users also mentioned that similar o the Blackberry Storm 9520, they also want speakers at the top and bottom as the Nokia N8 is a multimedia device. I can understand the speaker issue, when the device is put down, the speaker is covered resulting in less sound.

The Nokia N8 doesn’t have all the languages for input and the default setting. If you do go abroad, there is an option where you can download Trippo but it won’t give the input language desired but rather the translation.

There is another difficulty where you have to first unlock the device and then you can answer the call, in this case, compared to the Blackberry Storm, you don’t have to unlock the device at all, just answer the call.

The web browser also needs improvements, it needs to accept all types of flash videos just like Skyfire.

Vote on the poll what you want improved and tell us, may be I can find a solution for you!